Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Ways to Avoid Overeating

According to, “in 2010, 48.8 million Americans lived in food insecure households.”  Given that statistic, it’s hard to believe that overeating is a major problem in our society - but it is.  It’s a common issue with eating that many of my clients face.  Here are a few more ways to help you stay in control and avoid eating too much:
·       Be aware of when you’re feeling stress, because it’s true that food alleviates anxiety.  Thankfully, so do many stress relievers that are calorie-free.  Visit Kebba Buckley Button’s website to learn more about ways to reduce your stress without eating more.
·       Engage in aerobic exercise to increase the volume of your brain’s cortex, enabling you to more effectively rein in the impulse to overeat.  Exercise can also reduce your stress level, and it doesn’t need to take more exertion than brisk walking.
·       Eat off of smaller dishes and avoid eating directly out of a large box or bag.  Studies show that when people are offered equal amounts of food, they consume more of it when it’s served on a larger dish.  Help yourself by placing a serving onto the smallest dish possible. 
·       Distract yourself with something pleasurable when a food craving hits.  While it’s true that our bodies may crave a needed nutrient, most of the time a craving is emotionally- or habit-based.  Break the automatic response with music, reading, an activity, or a talk with a friend.
If you still find yourself overeating, keep a food journal. For many, the simple act of writing down what they eat motivates them to eat less.  If not, the record will help you identify the patterns so you can look at ways to avoid the situations altogether.
Source: Nutrition Action, Center for Science in the Public Interest, May 2012

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