Sunday, July 17, 2011

Exercise Your Freedom to Choose

Saturday evening I ran into a former Jazzercise customer of mine from Sun City West, where I used to teach three times a week. Where were we? On the dance floor of one of the hottest dance spots in the Phoenix area – Eli’s. What a blast it was to see this “senior” shaking her booty on the dance floor!

This gal obviously chooses dance as one of her forms of exercise and based on her ability to keep going, it’s working for her. Like most of my class members from SCW, she has probably been Jazzercising for years and it shows. I would describe her as I would the others: energetic, a quick learner, physically fit, and happy.

Have you chosen a form of exercise that works as well for you? Don’t be put off by the word “exercise.” Any activity that gets you moving and you enjoy will work. Gardening, home renovations, dog walking, strolling the beach, rollerblading, tubing, or line dancing are some possibilities. How about yoga, volunteering at the food bank warehouse, cleaning your church sanctuary, taking your grandchildren to the park, playing softball, taking water aerobics, or learning tai chi? You might consider hiking, zumba, bowling, golf, raking the leaves, building a snowman, boogey boarding, or bicycling. That’s the beauty of exercise – the possibilities are endless and you get to choose what you do, as long as you do something!

Let my Jazzercise friend inspire and motivate you. You can look, feel, and be your very best starting today. Why not turn off the computer now and get moving?

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