Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Jazzercise Class and New Inspiration

Since I last wrote I’ve been given the opportunity to begin a brand new Jazzercise class at a beautiful assisted living facility here in Phoenix. These folks have never done Jazzercise before, and I suspect many have not done much dancing. What a challenge and a treat it has been to introduce them to Jazzercise.

We meet for 45 minutes once a week. It would be a stretch for people in their 20s and 30s to become comfortable with these routines doing them just once a week; can you imagine how much courage and persistence it takes for seniors? Yes, I take it slower than I do with my typical, experienced customers, showing them the moves first and choosing simpler routines. And yes, sometimes they do confuse their right foot with their left or go backward when I go forward.

Still, they’re amazing! I’ve seen such progress in two months. The group stays with me more, taking fewer breaks. They’re adding arm movements to the feet movements (we always say to get the feet first). They’re starting to hear the music, which means they don’t have to focus quite so intently on my every move. They smile more often, and, most importantly, they keep coming back!

That really excites me because I know how good this is for them. Exercise just doesn’t improve cardiovascular condition, flexibility and strength; it also increases blood flow to the brain. This improves memory and reasoning ability and causes endorphins to be released, enhancing mood and relieving mild depression. It will lower their risk for countless diseases and build their confidence.

I love working with seniors! They have a great attitude and really inspire me. I hope I can do as well as they do when I get there. How about you?

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