Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Exercise Preference Assessment

The key to regular exercise is doing something you really enjoy.  I’d like to share an assessment I have developed to help my clients figure out the best types of activity for them.  If you want to actual form, contact me.  Otherwise, take a piece a paper and create your own form.
Begin by listing the following factors in a row on the left-side of the page: Know how to do it, Can do alone,  Have equipment needed, Can do at home, Done outdoors, Performed in or on the water, Involves competition, Aerobic benefits, Strength-building, Flexibility benefits, Possess skills needed, Instructor led, Affordable.
Then draw a table, making several columns across the page.  At the top of each column, fill in the forms of exercise/activity that you enjoy or think you would enjoy.  Now consider each factor as a question.  For example, ask yourself, “do I know how to do this?” or “is this performed in the water?”  Then reflect on if the way you answered is a good thing.  If so, put a + in the box.  If your answer suggests that exercise may not work for you, put a - in the box. 
For example, if you are assessing swimming and you love being in the water but you don’t have access to a pool, you would put a + in the “Performed in or on the water” box and a - in the “Have the equipment needed” box.  If walking is one of the exercises you listed, you might put a - for “Done outdoors” if it’s summer in Phoenix and a + at the other times of the year when walking outdoors would be enjoyable.  Leave the box blank for neutral responses and use a ? if you don’t know and need to do some research.
Fill in each box and total the +, -, and blanks/? at the bottom.   When you’re done, review your scores.  Are you regularly doing the activities with the most plusses?  If not, what would it take for you to begin?    See if you can overcome those negatives and get started today!  Let me know if I can help.

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