Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Free to Look, Feel and Be Your Very Best!

"Every choice you make has an end result." Zig  Ziglar
Happy Independence Day!  Today I recognize and celebrate your freedom to choose to look, feel, and be your very best.  As Zig Ziglar reminds us, every choice has an end result.  The good habits I work with my clients to create are just a series of choices.  Here are some choices that could help you be well:
·       To schedule your medical screenings (mammogram, colonoscopy, dental exam, etc.) in your smart phone
·       To go food shopping every week
·       To make sure you have someone spot you whenever you climb a ladder
·       To get up early enough to eat breakfast and prepare something to bring for lunch
·       To read a favorite book, call a friend, or write in your journal rather than turn on the TV
·       To select a side salad rather than fries
·       To have only safe sex (or even better, sane sex!)
·       To stop drinking after one drink for women and two for men
·       To choose prayer over despair and faith over worry
·       To get a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night
·       To quit smoking
·       To schedule your exercise time: four out of five days during the week and one day on the weekend
·       To appreciate how amazing your body is (healing itself, alerting you when it needs something, and so forth) rather than criticize it for not being perfect
·       To ask for help, advice or support when you need it
I’m all about that last bullet.  If you’d like help enhancing your wellness, make the choice to contact me today!

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