Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Closer to the Goal

I recently heard a variation of the adage, “practice makes perfect.”  It went “practice makes progress.”  This new version appeals to me because perfect sounds very intimidating and something we may never achieve (or sustain anyway), whereas progress can be experienced daily.  I also relate to practice and progress because they are what creating new habits is all about: practicing a new behavior until it’s effective and part of our routine.  
While it helps to focus on progress rather than perfection, it’s still not easy to stay on track in our practice.  One technique I like to use is this: when I’m considering a choice, I ask myself if the action will bring me closer to my goal.  Choosing fruit rather than a cookie brings me closer to my weight and cholesterol management goals, while skipping my exercise session would not.  I’d like to point out that sometimes the answer is neutral; the choice wouldn’t move me in either direction.  In that case, if it’s something I really want to do, I ease up and do it.  
An important aspect of my wellness coaching is helping people make these choices and learn to be flexible and compassionate with themselves while making progress. That’s why I call my business Nurture You. If the thought of being nurtured is attractive to you, give me a call!

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