Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do You Need Help Achieving Your Wellness Goals?

During my five years as a leader for Weight Watchers, one of the most common mistakes I saw made was people refusing to recognize that they needed help. People would join and quit, only to rejoin later, usually with more weight to lose than they originally started with. Or they would sit in the back with their heads down, embarrassed to be there. Others would visit, but not join, and I’m sure there were countless others who never made it to the meetings at all.

For some reason, many people think they should be able to lose weight, start exercising, or adopt a healthy lifestyle on their own and that they must be a failure if they can’t. How odd that we’ll take piano lessons, attend a cooking class, or hire a CPA to set up our accounting records, but we won’t seek help to take better care of our most precious possessions, our bodies! We get expert assistance when new technology enters our lives, why not have a professional guide us in understanding the latest findings in nutrition and fitness?

As a wellness consultant and coach, I offer three things to my clients: education, encouragement, and accountability. While the Internet is a blessing, it can also be a detriment to your health, given the prevalence of misinformation and conflicting opinions presented. It’s my job to stay current and fact-based in the information I provide. The encouragement and accountability come in for those who know what to do, but have trouble achieving it. Another common mistake people make is to be unrealistic and set too many goals (or goals that are too lofty). Despite their best intentions, life carries on and they end up feeling like a failure for not meeting every last objective.

It is possible to look, feel, and be your very best! With the onset of cooler fall weather, now is the perfect time to nurture yourself and get the support you need. Visit Nurture You to get started today!

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