Friday, August 27, 2010

The Ten Commandments for Women’s Health

1. Exercise at least five times a week. Do not put it off; just make it a habit and do it!
2. Avoid dieting. Adopt a healthy, balanced eating plan, using the food pyramid as guide for number of size of portions.
3. Do not smoke. It increases your risk of every single disease I have ever read about – every single one. It’s expensive, it ages you and it makes you smell terrible.
4. Maintain a healthy weight and waistline. Having a waistline larger than 35 inches increases a woman’s risk of heart disease.
5. Get enough sleep. Most adults need 7-8 hours. Figure out how much sleep you need nightly, avoid ingesting caffeine or alcohol late in the day, and have a regular time to go to bed and wake up.
6. Practice prevention. Give yourself breast exams. Wear sunscreen whenever you’ll be outside for more than ten minutes. Commit to having only safe sex. (Sane sex is even better!)
7. Go to your annual OB/GYN appointment and have that colonoscopy when you turn fifty. While you’re at the doctor, ask about what supplements you may need, such as calcium, iron, or glucosamine.
8. Nurture your soul and have some fun every day. Keep a joke book on your night stand, and if you cannot remember laughing that day, read something funny before you turn out the light. As you drop off to sleep, count ten blessings you experienced that day.
9. Lower your risk of periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease by flossing your teeth daily. Have that semi-annual dental exam.
10. Eat five to nine servings of vegetables and fruits every day. They are loaded with nutrients and low in calorie. They and exercise are how I manage my weight so well.

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