Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Your Body is Your Temple

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that your body is God’s temple, so you should treat it with respect and care for it. I don’t disagree with this viewpoint; I just don’t find it very motivating when I need to change the way I eat, exercise, or handle some other aspect of my wellness. After all, there are approximately 6,697,254,000 people (a 2008 estimate from World Bank) in the world today, so what’s one more or less to God?

I do find it compelling to consider, however, that my body is my temple – and I only have one. When this one dies, the game is over. Have you ever thought that there is nothing you can accomplish, no goal you can have on this earth that doesn’t require your body. Even thinking, writing, and praying all require your mind. And you cannot escape from your body; it goes everywhere you do. We’ve all experienced this fact when we’ve overeaten.

I’m still surprised how so many people don’t realize the control they have over their health and wellness. It is possible for most dissatisfied people to feel better, have more energy, and look better. If you struggle seeing your body as a temple, try this. Mentally step outside the planet and look down at your life and yourself. Imagine that your guardian angel is allowing you, a spirit, to have a physical experience on wonderful planet earth, where you can enjoy eating delicious food, relaxing on the beach, sinking into bed after a long day, and hiking through a beautiful woods. What kind of body would you want to occupy to have these experiences? Would you want to carry 50 unnecessary pounds with you? Would you choose to be addicted to nicotine? How strong and flexible would you like to be?

Most of us will never have a body suitable for a magazine cover. That’s okay, because we don’t need one. Remember that your body is your vehicle for traveling through life. Give yourself the most enjoyable ride you can, and begin nurturing yourself today!

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