Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Weight

The thoughts we hold directly impact our results. One of the key shifts I had when I successfully lost weight was to begin asking myself, "What would a thin person do in this situation?" Shifting my thoughts to those of a thin person led to changing my behaviors to those of a thin person, and those changes ultimately affected my weight.

Remember in The Secret how Rhonda Byrne said she can now eat anything she wants and still weigh 116? I think an important point that isn’t stated as clearly as it might be is that she no longer wants to eat the kind or quantity of food that would cause her to gain weight. She thinks like a thin person, buys clothes to fit a thin person, and eats the way a thin person does, savoring her food. Her behaviors are aligned with her thoughts, and thinness is the result. Check this out to learn more about nurturing yourself.

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